Lighthouse Stage and Support Facilities


The Seacaps Park Lighthouse facility is the focal point for concerts and events for Lockeport and the surrounding area.  The structure is unique not only to Lockeport, but possibly to all Nova Scotia in that it will be a turnkey outdoor venue.  Within a few hours this venue can support an event or concert handling up to 1200 people with a performance stage, seating, washrooms and vendor facilities, all barrier free accessible.

If you wish to book this facility as a venue for your upcoming event please contact Frances Scott the Community Coordinator at (902) 656-2565


Seacap Park Marketplace Pavillion


You can sell your home-grown produce, homemade products, or Yard Sale items

at this beautiful open air setting in the heart of downtown.


Rent an 8' by 8' space for $5.00

(Electrical connection $5.00 extra)

Rental space must be booked in advance by contacting

Frances Scott At (902) 656-2565


Sea Shanty Concession Stands


These concession stands are available to rent during events.  If you are interested in renting one for an upcoming event please contact Frances Scott @ 656-2565
They are equipped with lights and power.