Summer Day-Camps are held for eight weeks each summer.  The Day-Camps run all day from Monday to Friday and are based at the Recreation Centre.  Each week has a different theme but all include daily physical activity and contact with nature.

Lockeport & Area July 1st Celebrations annually take place over a period of roughly ten days.  A complete schedule of events is published each year for this festival.

TimBits Soccer is held annually for eight to ten weeks in the spring.  The program is generally held on Wednesday evenings and is open to children up to and including Grade 3.

Roods Head Park Party is held annually and features a day of music and entertainment in the park.

Closing note:

The above listing is for annual programming of the Lockeport Recreation Department.  This list is not complete as it does not include the many activities and events which we provide from time to time.  We are often called upon by groups in the community for assistance with current projects and we respond according to the specific circumstances at the time.

This department is also an active partner in most county-wide initiatives including but not limited to Shelburne County Lobster Festival, "Our Community-Something for Everyone", Eastern Shelburne County Volunteer Reception, Shelburne County Special Olympics, Shelburne County Senior Games, and "Take the Roof Off Winter".


Rec Department Contact:

Frances H Scott

(902) 656-2565 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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