Climate change adaptation in Nova Scotia, as in many regions around the world, has become an increasingly important issue due to the changing climate and its potential impacts on the environment, economy, and communities. Nova Scotia, a coastal province in eastern Canada, faces several challenges related to climate change, including rising sea levels, more frequent and severe storms, and changing weather patterns.

The Town of Lockeport is taking steps to protect our vulnerable coastal areas. This includes upgrading infrastructure to withstand sea-level rise and storm surges, as well as management plans to reduce the risk of erosion and flooding.

The provincial government has introduced policies, regulations, and incentives to promote climate adaptation. This includes building codes and land-use planning that consider climate resilience, as well as emissions reduction targets to address the root causes of climate change.


Click HERE to see an interactive map of the area generated by the University of Waterloo displaying possible outcomes of sea level rise and storm surge predictions through year 2100

Download this file (the plan 2 MCCAP.pdf)Climate Change Action Plan[ ]840 kB